Jun 252019
Interview With Commander of 559 division Ho Chi Minh trail and Don Duvall, AKA Midnitemapper

Don Duvall, Midnite Mapper, 2016 in an interview with Dong Sy, during the filming of the Blood Road. Dong Sy Nguyen, “shares Secrets of the Trail” that would later be used in the film, from this interview we learned many previously unknown facts about the trail, Tunnels Caves and transportation routes, that can be seen today.

On of the most memorable parts of this meeting was getting a copy of the Detailed official military map of the trail. Never before seen in public we use this historical artifact for our Tours of the Ho Chi Minh Trail today.

The truck convoy was strong on Truong Son road in the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign

“Since 1967, the 559 Division was assigned anti-aircraft artillery, missiles to deal with enemy bombing, forming a protective fire net on the top of the transport squad, not to drive alone on the road; below, the soldiers were standing by the road, when the enemy hit the shelter, stopped fighting to repair the road, while the infantry continued to open the enemy campaign far away, “said the former Political Commissar of Truong Son Corps. In early 1967, during the Vietnam War, he was appointed commander in chief of Group 559, the transportation and logistical unit of the People’s Army of Vietnam.

The group was established in 1959 to move troops, weapons, and material from North Vietnam to paramilitary units in southern Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which ran along the central region across Truong Son, or the Annamite Mountain Range, and through Laos and Cambodia.

During eight years as commander of the trail until the war ended in 1975, he transformed it from an old low-key covert supply line into a modern, strategic, overt battlefield.

Much of his success is owed to the fact that he converted most of his force, which had previously used foot power or bicycles to carry loads, into vehicle transportation units.