Bridges of the Mekong Sayabury Road 4

Unique photos of Mekong river, bridges being built in Laos

Just completed and opened Mekong bridge at Thadua
Just completed and opened Mekong bridge at Thadua



Thadua Mekong Bridge Deck
Thadua Mekong Bridge Deck


Mekong river bridge at Thadua, Sayabouri Province Laos.
Korean construction company.



Western bank of Mekong looking East,


LaosGPSmap thadua-bridge
LaosGPSmap thadua-bridge


Laosgpsmap-Thadua May 2013


Thadua bridge construction started Nov 2009


Laosgpsmap-Thadua May 2013


Ministry of public works and transport



Western bank of Mekong looking East


bridge security, please no pictures
Standard issue, AK 47 green uniform and flip flops.
Yes sir, I will be on my way now!


Mekong bridge Chinese worker
Mekong bridge Chinese worker, pre stress truss


Mekong bridge at Houay Xai
Mekong bridge at Houay Xai, Eastern Mekong bank


Mekong river bridge Chiang Kong Thailand to Houay Xai Laos


Mekong river bridge construction


9 kms south of Houay Xai, this bridge 630 meters pres-tress box girder truss bridge.
gps laos, Ho Chi Minh trail map laos gps tours


Be Brave to Stride over, To Pursue the Brilliance


Nam Ngum bridge at road 10 long way to go Vietnamese Contractor


Nam Moen bridge an important upgrade as it eliminates the 100 meter ford that drowned many motorcycles on this infamous crossing


Nam Xan bridge construction 10 2012


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