What GPS units are compatible with the Laos GPS Map?

Almost all Garmin GPS units produced within the last ten years are compatible.  If you have a very old unit, please contact us to check.  At the current time, we only support GPS units from Garmin.

What areas are covered by the Laos GPS Map?

The entire country of Laos including all major roads, most secondary roads, and many tracks to remote village.

What does “routable” mean?

A routable GPS map is able to take in an address or coordinate and take you from your current position and take you to your specified location according to the roads that exist in the Laos GPS Map.

How often is the Laos GPS Map updated?

It is updated continually but updated versions are updated yearly.

How accurate is the Laos GPS Map?

The entire map was compiled using WGS 84 GPS datum and is more accurate than any other Laos map.

Can I contribute to the Laos GPS Map?

Yes!  Please contact us by email and send us your tracks.  We will happily take them and include them in the next release of our map.

How do I install the Laos GPS Map?

Please visit the Laos GPS Map Installation page for information.

I have more than one GPS unit, can I install Laos GPS Map on multiple units?

The GPS map data is sold on a locked, encrypted SD memory card that fits all GPS units with an SD card slot. It can only be viewed on 1 GPS unit at a time.

Once I buy the SD card, can I use it in MapSource as well?

Currently the GPS data is only viewable on your GPS unit.

How do I update my Laos GPS Map?

We are currently looking into the best way of offering updates to the map.

Does the Laos GPS Map include in the GPS shown on the website?

No. Only the map on an SD card is included with your purchase.