Ho Chi Min Trail Tour

Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour fun

This allows enough time to do  the Ho Chi Minh trail route via the capital, Vientiane, ending in Pakse, the capital of the South, making it a one-way trip on the bikes and flying out from there. This route includes the incredible karst “limestone forest”, a tour of the caves, village stays and camping on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding wise, it includes a good mix of small tracks and smooth roads, always following the tracks of the Vietnamese solders on the way to the war front in the South.

Total Distance234890
Daily Distance6789
Ride TypeHard to handle
MotorbikesHonda CRF 250L
AccommodationsExpedition style outdoor
Tour GradeExpedition style, offroad with some paved sections
Tour StartOctober 3, 2019
Tour EndJanuary 19, 2020

Depart from LaosGPSmap Garage,  Lunch at Pakading River and proceed to Karst mountain area of the “limestone forest overlook” an extremely scenic mountain pass with Karst valleys’, one of the great Motorcycle roads of Laos! Traditional style Hotel on the Nam Hai river

This is one of Lao great motorcycle roads (sealed) through mountainous Karst valley’s, visiting Dragon cave, Lak Sow and ascending the Nakai Plateau were we have lunch on the reservoir at the Sabiadee restaurant overlooking the lake. Enjoy a boat excursion on the lake and campfire barbeque in the evening. . The beginning of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos starting at the Nape Pass (Lak Sow) we will be technically on the Ho Chi Minh trail from here to Southern Laos and the Cambodian border.

11 day Motorcycle Tour Ho Chi Minh trail to Southern Laos

Tour includes

Dec 27 2018, Vientiane Laos.  Pick up at airport, Clients are delivered to Hotel,

Return Jan 7 2018 Vientiane Laos.

11 Days 11 nights

Welcome Party

Briefing about the tour, including safety talk, and bike check out ect.

Motorcycles are Honda CRF 250 L

KTM 450 XCW race bike

Cost $220.00 Us per person Per day

Alcohol not included.

Support truck and 2 Lao Crew included, so you do not have to carry your bags on bike.

Ho Chi Min Trail Tour Tour Photos