Jungle Trecking

S A 2 resting at Gnomalat

This allows enough time to do  the Ho Chi Minh trail route via the capital, Vientiane, ending in Pakse, the capital of the South, making it a one-way trip on the bikes and flying out from there. This route includes the incredible karst “limestone forest”, a tour of the caves, village stays and camping on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding wise, it includes a good mix of small tracks and smooth roads, always following the tracks of the Vietnamese solders on the way to the war front in the South.

Ride down the Ho Chi Minh Trail and explore the wilds of Laos by Vintage US Army Jeep or Honda CRF 250L on this cross border tour. Remote villages, jungle and war sites make this an epic journey. Great for groups and families that crave adventure and a trip through history of the Vietnam War.

This multi-nation off-road adventure starts in Hanoi and takes us down the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. Take on the jungle tracks and remote villages of one of the last the isolated places on earth. Battle sites and war history make this ride a special adventure. We start by leaving Hanoi to stay overnight in the Pu Luong nature reserve on a local homestay, the next day we cross the border and make our wat to Xan Nua, Phonsavan and meet the real Ho Chi Minh Trail, WE continue through jungles and mountains on our way south across the DMZ to Xepon, Ta Oi, Saravan and Attapu, Battle sites and amazing landscapes on this adventure ride that you will never forget. Join us on this special adventure.

Jump in our M151 MUTT Start from Hanoi and make you way across the border to join up with the ho Chi Minh Trail in the Plan of Jars. Long stretches of off-road riding through small villages and empty forest make this a special journey. We follow the original trail as it makes it’s way south to the border with Cambodia, where we cross back into Vietnam and head to Danang and the beaches.

Jungle Trecking Tour Photos