River Crossings

Tad Hai blown up bridge
Tad Hai blown up bridge

Go off the main road and it’s a different story. Your back road will almost certainly be dirt and little more than one big mud puddle in wet season. It may not even exist. Triple check with locals before heading off onto a road that looks promising on your map. Just because it’s marked as a big red line doesn’t mean it’s at all suitable to cover on a bicycle or that construction has even been finished.

Pu Luong off-road tour, single tracks and off-road riding mixed with on-road sections take us to the most remote parts of this region, explore hill-tribe communities and forest tracks. Pu Luong off-road tour takes on many small track and dirt roads through the mountains of the Pu Luong nature reserve, climb up to H’mong villages and cross the black river by small ferry.

Only 3 hours from Hanoi starts the off-road sections and single track riding in the forest and mountains near the border with Laos.

As an example of how misleading maps can be, we were planning to cover Route 23 in southern Laos until we met someone who had just come from that road. She had to walk for two days because there was nothing more than a forest path and this was an allegedly major road on our map. We later saw pictures of the road and it was just a rocky, sandy track.

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