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Mig 21 Lao Air force
Mig 21 Lao Air force

This allows enough time to do  the Ho Chi Minh trail route via the capital, Vientiane, ending in Pakse, the capital of the South, making it a one-way trip on the bikes and flying out from there. This route includes the incredible karst “limestone forest”, a tour of the caves, village stays and camping on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding wise, it includes a good mix of small tracks and smooth roads, always following the tracks of the Vietnamese solders on the way to the war front in the South.

Total Distance111
Daily Distance32
Ride TypeMedium difficulty, Dirt trails and graded roads
MotorbikesXr400 Wanna Be and KTM 450 SuperSaber rocket ships
AccommodationsBasic accomidation Hot Showers and cold beer
Tour GradeMedium difficulty
Tour StartDecember 11, 2020
Tour EndDecember 18, 2020

This is a notorious area of the trail the the NVA Truck drivers feared the most, Translated to Hells Gate, most if the roads through the mountain passes were smoldering bomb craters and desolated landscape, even if the bombs were nor raining down during a B-52 ArcLight strike

Only 3 hours from Hanoi starts the off-road sections and single track riding in the forest and mountains near the border with Laos

Far North Border Ha Giang Motorbike tous starts with a ride from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall and take a boat druise across Ba Be Lake and make our way to the highlands of Ha Giang province. The rocky landscape is home to colorful hill-tribes and single track riding along the border with China. We head towards to the terraced rice fields of Hoan Su Phi and the lively markets of Bac Ha, we end the ride in Lao Cai on the border with China, return to Hanoi by overnight soft sleeper train.

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